Exclusive Tournaments


  • Tournament will be held on a specified date
  • Sign up and Payment must be done 1 week before tournament date
    • Payment will be done through PayPal
      • All amounts listed are in USD
    • All participants must adhere to the rules of the Tournament Contract, as well as the General Rules below
  • Payout will be done after all tournament results have been validated (1-2 Days)

Tournament format

  • 16 Participants Per Tournament
  • 2 Play-In rounds to determine seeding
  • Playoff Series
    • First Round – Best of 1
    • Second Round – Best of 1
    • Third Round – Best of 3
    • Final Round – Best of 3
  • Draft lottery will be done for team selection

Game Rules

  • In-Game rules will be specified per tournament

Communication during the tournament will be done via Whatsapp to efficiently relay results and/or issues


Exclusive Tournaments aims to organize tournaments for its members where they can win big cash prizes based on their skills

There is no cost/fee for being a member

  • Winners will have payments initiated 1-2 days after the tournaments has ended and all results have be validated
  • Payments will be done through PayPal

You can participate in an upcoming Tournament by creating a profile and signing up for the Tournament

General Rules:

  • Results must be submitted by both participants right after the end of the match through a screenshot of the final score
  • It is the responsibility of the Exclusive Tournaments member to read and fully understand these rules and policies before participating in any tournaments. These rules apply to all matches.
  • Any rule not stated in the pregame rules will be considered invalid and not an enforceable rule for the match.
  • Glitches or actions that manipulate the basic functions of the game itself are enforceable whether the action or glitch is specified in the agreed upon rules as disallowed or not
  • Custom rosters and custom players are not allowed.
  • Guests players are not allowed in matches
  • Participants are responsible for their own internet connection to minimize lag. If someone is found to be intentionally lagging it will result in an automatic loss
  • Broken rules for in-game settings must be reported before the game has been started. Once the game has started, it is assumed that both participants have agreed. If you have noticed a broken rule within the first 2 minutes of game play, alert your Tournament Administrator immediately for a ruling
  • If you intentionally exit a match while losing or the game is tied and provide no valid evidence that would give you grounds to exit the match you will forfeit the match
  • Providing inaccurate information and/or evidence in an attempt to mislead Exclusive Tournaments Administrator will result in an automatic forfeit
  • Any form of cheating will result in an automatic loss
  • Initiating a dispute with no valid claim or evidence will result in an unfavorable decision
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